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"Yes, Lowering Your Stress Response Can Help Reduce Your Blood Sugar Level...With These Relaxing Self Hypnosis and Positive Affirmation Techniques!"


Claim Your FREE GIFT Audio mp3 Download Sampler for Reversing Diabetes Naturally Using Self Hypnosis and Affirmation for Relieving Stress!

From: Dr. Iris Bell

Yes, many people can reverse diabetes, get their blood sugar levels back to normal, and cut their risks of diabetic complications. Reducing how you react to stress is one important part of the plan.


My name is Dr Iris Bell, MD PhD and I do alternative medicine research to find natural solutions for you to reverse diabetes. Just to let you know that I am qualified to do this - I graduated magna cum laude in Biology from Harvard University, completed my PhD in Neuro and Biobehavioral Sciences (studying diet and sleep) and then my MD from Stanford University. Besides being Board-certified in Psychiatry, I have spent most of my academic career doing research on various forms of alternative medicine, including biofeedback/relaxation, nutrition and environmental health.

Take advantage of my years of research in the medical literature to claim this free gift and restore your health with simple, positive steps.

Claim your FREE GIFT Audio mp3 Download Sampler with a positive affirmation on using a relaxing breath to release tension and a self hypnosis bonus to help you stay relaxed.

  • Use the power of your mind for heal yourself
  • Learn how to reinforce new habits for calming down the biology of stress before it takes off
  • Discover the secret of the ancients who know how to maintain an inner tranquility in the face of daily life
  • And much more...

And that's not all -

I'm also going to give you another FREE BONUS gift together with your audio mp3 downloads -- a series of inspirational images and quotations with a mini-course of practical tips on how to beat stress in your life - including oxidative stress - and help lower your blood sugar along the way. You can do this -- get started today

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