"Discover the Simple Power of Self Hypnosis Affirmations
To Lower Your Blood Sugar"

Name: Dr Iris Bell
Re: Harnessing the power of the mind to change habits and heal the body

Are you struggling to change habits so that you can lower your blood sugar level?

You can harness the power of visualization and affirmations to reach your goals. I'm an alternative medicine researcher and educator who has spent her career studying many different types of natural therapies. As a person with type 1 diabetes developed in mid-life, I know firsthand what diabetes can mean for your daily life.

One of the most powerful tools that we each have in the struggle against chronic conditions like diabetes or even pre diabetes is our own mind. Or, more specifically, what we can do with our mind to make it easier for the body to recover.

You may be tired of trying and getting no where. But feeling helpless is only going to make you feel worse

Sure, your blood sugar may seem totally out of control right now. You just feel hopeless and helpless to do things that make a difference. The blood sugar seems to have a mind of its own.

But...your blood sugar is just a passive result of what is going on in your body. And you can actively influence what goes on in your body with your mind. Everyday stress, for instance, raises blood sugar levels by causing your stress hormones to rise. Those hormones tell your body's cells to stop responding to insulin. 

And then your blood sugar ends up rising. And rising. And rising.

Another day spent at way above normal levels.

What if you had a supportive guide to get on track? Someone who has been there, done that? Or, better yet, your own inner mind that really does care what happens -- and has the power to heal you...

Affirmations are simple positive statements that serve as a form of self hypnosis and the foundation for successful self care for people with high blood sugar problems.

Listen to a sample and hear for yourself -- click the Play button below...

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Affirmations are a simple way to make a change in your thinking, beliefs, and ways of doing things. They allow your subconscious mind to hear words that reflect how you want to be, not necessarily how you are today. By using affirmations, which are simple positive statements, your subconscious mind can make the changes that you desire and/or need without your having to “do” something.

Does that mean you don't have to pay attention to your diet, exercise plan, food choices, or treatments?  Of course not. Diabetes and pre diabetes are serious conditions and they need a coordinated package of care to get good outcomes.

But, what it does mean is that you may be able to lower your stress and fear level. Set yourself up mentally to succeed with your total self care plan. Take advantage of the natural remedies and treatments and supports that are out there for you and other people with diabetes or pre diabetes.

As a result, we consider affirmations a great starting place for taking back control of your blood sugar. They are a good foundation for anything else you are now doing or will choose to do in the future toward lowering your blood sugar levels back to normal and restoring yourself to good health.

6 different audio affirmations, delivered as mp3 audio downloads, mp4 video downloads, and pdf written file formats to you once per week for 6 weeks

Use the media format that works best for you as an individual

Lifetime access to all media versions of each affirmation inside private members-only area with motivational and inspirational quotations and images

You can access and use each affirmation as you wish, when you wish

Bonus worksheets, checklists, and tips to help keep you on track with your blood sugar control goals

Enriched support for you to get started on the path to better blood sugar control

This multimedia set of 6 positive affirmations on reducing stress, maintaining a healthy attitude and lifestyle, and losing weight is delivered to you once per week in audio mp3, video mp4, and written pdf file formats for immediate download.


In addition, you get access to a private members area where you can enjoy a full video version with motivational quotations and download a written version of the affirmation.  

 Positive Affirmations for People with Diabetes (6 different affirmations with background music per set. Each affirmation is 3-4 minutes length, delivered one per week for 6 weeks)

"A cheerful frame of mind, reinforced by relaxation... is the medicine that puts all ghosts of fear on the run."

George Matthew Adams Quotation

Getting this affirmations program going now is an important first step on your way to being healthier and happier 6 weeks from now. As they say, "today is the first day of the rest of your life."  

Take a peek inside the members' area to see what you get...

Affirmations for People with Diabetes Image

 On top of this superb set of affirmations, you'll find bonuses that will strengthen your ability to put your new attitudes and feelings into action. Invaluable bonuses on...

  • 10 Practical Time Saving Tips
  • Your Own Stress Management Self-Care Worksheet
  • Your own mini-program bonus on Using the Power of Laughter for your Health, including the laughter special report, cheat-sheet, and worksheet

For you to succeed at this, you also need to give yourself all the tools and help that you can. This is such a simple and fundamental tool -- harnessing your mind to help you help your body. Smoothing out that inner struggle you have over what to eat and what to do. The time is now.

30-Day No-Hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that sometimes a program just isn't a good fit for you and what you want. We do our best to make our program the most unique and helpful information and training available to guide you into getting better control of your blood sugar naturally (with your own doctor's supervision, of course).

But, if you're not happy, we're not happy.

So, if this just isn't for you - for whatever reason - just contact us at support [at] HighBloodSugarSolution.com within 30 days of your purchase and get a no-questions asked, no-hassle 100% refund of your money.  

Maybe your friends and family are not tuned into your daily challenges with blood sugar levels. Maybe they even push you to break your diet "just this once" -- or you don't want to burden the people around you. And just sitting there in your own misery isn't getting you anywhere.

Being frozen in fear about what might happen to your health if you don't turn this thing around is not a plan.

Taking action, doing positive, constructive steps, one by one, that might help you get on track - that is a realistic plan. A do-able plan.

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YES, count me in!

I am ready to get on the right path to improving my self care and restoring my health.

Diabetes is just a label that a doctor can give me. But it cannot define me.


For a one-time payment of only $27 $7 today, I get 6 weeks of steady, positive support and ways to use my mind for good...my own good

P.S. With the no-hassles, money-back guarantee, this one is a no-brainer. Check it out, tap the inner strength and power that you already have on reserve inside your own mind. You just need to hear the right words from your inner coach. This affirmations program and bonuses might just be the key to it all...Click here to get started today

P.P.S. If you still just not sure if this is for you, then try out a free sampler audio mp3 download to help you with stress reduction for diabetes - check it out here

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