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Embrace Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System Bilingual English Spanish

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Talking blood sugar meters can save your life. If you have impaired vision, the meter can tell you out loud what your blood glucose value is.  This meter can announce your blood sugar level in English or Spanish within 6 seconds. It also talks you through the process of performing the test. The sample size is small, and the ability to get the sample from your arm or another alternate site (not your fingers) reduces the discomfort of testing. This meter has a large memory with the ability to store 300 different test results with the date and time they were taken. It can also shut itself off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save battery life.

Clever Choice Fully Auto Digital Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Talking meters help people who may have vision problems to be more certain of their blood pressure readings. SDI-1086WT Features: -Results in 20 seconds. -Talking monitor English & Spanish. -W.H.O. BP indicator. -Wrist Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor. -120 measurement memory. Two Person Memory recall. -3 Minutes auto power off. -Carrying Case included. -Large digital display. -Easy one-touch operation. -3 Minutes auto power off. User Manual