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Striiv Smart Pedometer Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

StriivSmartPedometerImageStriiv is a complete personal trainer in your pocket to motivate you, give you constructive and accurate feedback on your progress, and support your health goals. As a diabetic, you know that you need to be more active. Biofeedback devices like Striiv can really help you get going.¬†Over 96% of Striiv users tell us they are more active, 70% have seen their health improve, and 60% have lost an average of 13lbs.* Here’s an eye-opening fact: Walking 30 minutes throughout your day will change your life. Doctors universally recommend walking to lose weight, fight diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. On average, Striiv users walk an astonishing 90 minutes throughout the day (three times the recommendation). Taking stairs, walking to lunch, or playing with their kids at the park–it all adds up.


LifeSpan MyStride Activity Tracker

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List Price: $26.15 USD
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Release date February 1, 2012.

The MyStride Activity Tracker is more than just a pedometer. It uses a three-axis accelerometer to measure your movement to more accurately track steps taken, calories burned, minutes exercised and distance travelled. The integrated flip USB makes it easy and convenient to sync your activity progress with your LifeSpan Fitness Club account. This account is a complete online health and fitness management system.