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Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit

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The Omron Blood Pressure Wrist Unit is a convenient and reliable way to measure your blood pressure at home. Some cuffs are hard to put on and hard to use, especially if you live alone. A wrist cuff for blood pressure changes that completely. It just wraps around your wrist, you push a simple start button, and it does the rest — automatically.

This specific model can store up to 200 measurements and detects any irregular heartbeats. It will give you a readout of both your blood pressure and heart rate. If you are one of millions of Americans (one in three people) with high blood pressure, you owe it to yourself and your family to monitor yourself at home and find ways to get the blood pressure levels down to normal. If you live with a partner, both of you can use the same device and store your information separately in memory. This makes it a good way to challenge both of you to improve your health together.

Resp e Rate Blood Pressure Personal Biofeedback Device

High blood pressure is another health problem that many people with diabetes or overweight face. There are many options for treating hypertension, but drugs have side effects and can bring down your quality of life along with the blood pressure. Magnesium is an important mineral to take if you need to regulate your blood pressure better. But why not try the power of your mind? It is simple and free of side effects.

The Resp E Rate Blood Pressure Personal Biofeedback Device is a natural, clinically-tested way to lower your blood pressure within weeks. No drugs involved. No side effects other than feeling more relaxed and at peace inside. Doctors recommend it. There have been 7 different studies showing it can work for you.

What it does is help you learn to regulate your individual breathing pattern in order to change your breathing. Many of us breathe too shallowly and fast. This device quickly teaches you how to inhale and exhale in a steady, regulated, slower way that calms you and your blood pressure down. This is always just part of a total treatment program supervised by your own doctor. But it is well worth trying, especially if your current treatments still do not yet have your blood pressure where it needs to be and/or you feel miserable from side effects. This is a true alternative treatment without drugs.